Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fly, the Whip and the Angermanagement Test...

About a week ago I was in a bit of a testy mood for a few days... and I was working on my laptop concentrating quite heavily on... a game. I'm a bit of a casual gamer, anyways a fly was in my bedroom and I swear it was purposely fucking with me. It was flying round and round right in front of me and every time I would get up to swat it it would pretend to go to a different area and then when I would sit back down the fucker would come around again buzzing right in front of my damn face. So, I was sort of like, fuck this, this is war... and I got one of my floggers. Now, I would love to say I killed it with my it, but I do believe I may have met my match in this little fly. While I have caught them in my hands in the past, I wasn't focused at all and though I hit it several times, it just wouldn't die. So I equipped myself with a bottle of cleaner near by and sprayed it and flogged it. Each time I thought that I had surely gotten it, by drowning it in chemicals and smacking it down... the fucker would come back to taunt me. This happened many many times, it was somewhat remarkable, it just wouldn't fucking die... and I was getting quite agitated. It was flying around near my lamp which I, in the heat of battle, sprayed along with the fly and kaboom! The bulb blew up and scared the crap out of me. I was quite fortunate that no glass hit me but did fly everywhere else. I was freaked out, I had no longer had a light and there was glass all over, so I retired to the sofa for the rest of the night. Though... it killed the fly. The next day out of pure curiosity, as I really pay no mind to other people's classifications, rules and tests... I took an online anger management test. Now, I don't have any real issues with anger, I merely just got curious and once curiosity plants its seed in my mind, I must seek out the answer. I've actually taken quite a few online tests, I just find them, as well as the results, amusing. Based on a bunch of crap, but amusing nonetheless. So, I read question one and half way through decided it was stupid and didn't really pertain to me so I moved on to question number two which I also deemed stupid and irrelevant... now half way through question number three I decided the whole damn thing was just completely idiotic, much more so than usual and thus frustrated by this, I closed out the window. As I did so, I thought of the irony... an anger management test and I couldn't even answer a single question much less make it past number three without saying "fuck this" , which I actually did say out loud. This caused me to laugh a bit and so I told a good friend of mine about this and we joked that I would probably receive an email any moment insisting I stay inside until the authorities arrived. They didn't, I have issues but anger isn't one of them... though it is a pity I didn't catch the battle between me and my flogger against the fly on video. A battle, which mind you... I ultimately won. So, ha!

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