Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What the FUCK is Wrong with some People?!

I don't even know where to begin. From time to time, someone will think I'm jaded, and I'm not. I'm just realistic and walk around with my eyes open for fuck's sake. I've been through a lot of shit, I'm going through a lot of shit, I will continue to go through a great deal of shit in my life, it's just part of it. It's the crust when you just want the filling, the chicken when you just want the skin, the ice cream when you just want the whipped cream, it just is... part of life... and don't cry for me Argentina, I get to eat the yummy part as well. Anyway, I make fun of people sometimes and I love stand up comedy, that said, I don't make fun of disabilities or sicknesses, not that I can recall. I also educate myself on a topic before I go making claims. This could just all be irritation stemming from the Yankee game last night. Fuck, I love them, but they just did not have their shit together, see, there it is again, shit, even the Yankees have it. Ooh, and Andrew Jones, I just wanted to smack that smirk right off of his face,... but then Swisher was put in to play for him.  Anyway, so here is what has gotten me all huffed and puffed this morning... in case anyone hasn't figured it out by now, I am not religious. I recently saw a picture on the internet with a group of people holding up signs saying "God hates fags"... then it had under it "re-blog if this is not your God", I like the whole movement, but ... now, here's the thing, I know some of those people and it actually is their God. They get to choose what God they believe in, not WHAT their God does. I don't get people and religion it's like they sit there and cross out all the lines that don't apply to them and their views and preach the other ones. Now, I'm not actually against it and unless I am having a debate with someone who I feel can handle it, as religion is one of the topics you want to stray away from, people get really offended when I say I don't believe in God. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite spiritual, just not religious. I know this is kind of a taboo topic too, especially considering the last few days, but when it comes to war and religion, I'm like "What the Fuck?!", I picture a bunch of "Gods" sitting around at a poker table and taking a shot every time their "side" gets one. It's so preposterous to me, that's all. I'm not religious but I'm pretty sure no God wants their followers fighting, least of all over them. It baffles me, that's all and I am sure I am going to get a number of emails in regards to this and how religious text can be interpreted in a number of ways, but I have to say, some not so much. Also, then we look at ancient times, you know, B.C.- before christmas (just kidding), and we scoff at their gods and goddesses, their deities. We even refer to it as MYTHOLOGY, damn, right there myths... but they were as real to them as any God is today. In fact, the stories are often more beautiful and thought provoking and reflect human nature more betterer (yup, not a word, you got me), anyway then "thou shall not...", because, let's face it, we're human, we have emotions and desires.Everyone lies and everyone sins. Me, personally, I don't believe there is anything wrong with sinning. It's just a word, like shit and damn and fuck and cunt and sparkle and fine and nice. Some words just allow passion, agony, betrayal, admiration and anger to flow through them more betterer ( work with me here, I still haven't slept). I didn't even mean to get on the whole God rant. So, I have also come across people who are discussing their multiple personality disorders and dissociative identity disorders and using them to seek attention. I cut when I was younger, I haven't since I was a teen, I knew a lot of girls that did, but no one ever talked about it, it was a very private thing. Now, you see people doing it just for attention left and right, and you can tell or at least I can. Clearly, they are off if they resort to those means for attention, but quite frankly, it irritates me, no, no, it irritates the fuck out of me. I have seen girls do it to keep boyfriends, and many other reasons. Now, what I have seen is the faking of MPD, which usually you don't know you have because you fucking have no recollection and it's true cases are still rareOh no, it gets better, because these people have stories that they get along with all their personalities and can speak with them, which, really isn't known to happen... and wait for it, while some people who suffer from it have had  personalities from all ages and be of both genders, now there are girls, mostly teenagers I am noticingclaim to have humans, some of other nationalities, angels and also demons that they converse with and refer to themselves as "we". I think it's just stemming from a need to feel special, different, chosen, and attention, but it's kind of like faking cancer, they are taking a life altering mental illness and playing with it... and it pisses me off. Wear black nail polish, dye your hair blue, wear a tee shirt that says Bitch on it, read a "book" on your stupid kindle... start a fire and then toss it in. I realize I come off as somewhat hostile and if I do, then watch an episode of the fucking Jersey Shore. I haven't, but every kid/teen/young adult I know loves it and I was watching the Comedy Central Roast for Trump and "the situation" was on it, yea, because when I think Donald Trump I automatically think of him, what the fuck, I have no fucking clue why, anyway, oh he was horrible, you can probably you tube it. First off, my family is from Italy and he's a total embarrassment to Italians, to America and just to the human race in general... and we wonder why other countries have issues with us? We made him a fucking celebrity! Most horrifying thing I have seen all year. My point being, this is the stuff that kids have and are growing up on now, and idolizing... aspiring to act like a schmuck and then become wealthy and famous for doing so. There's going to be a zombie apocalypse which stems from watching reality tv shows like that shit, I'm telling you, mark my words, it scares me. Okay, so let's see, that's the Yankees, God, the decline of society,  yup, end rant, I'm good...well I have my moments. ;)

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