Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yummy Cream Pie....

Boston cream pie that is! Pervert :)

I just got back from Boston a few days ago, and that little penis of a state, florida, sorry (not really), but tell me that you haven't looked at a map at least once in your life, maybe when you were twelve and thought so. It's the penis state... and oranges, and I'm sorry (no I'm not) but when I stay in a hotel in florida and they say they have freshly squeezed orange juice, it should be freshly squeezed because I am not a fucking moron and I can fucking tell you bastards, because it never is! That's how you get a free five dollar glass of orange juice in florida. Call them on their bullshit. Maybe something is freshly squeezed in that juice but it certainly isn't oranges. It's funny, I have a dear friend that if he spoke to me early in the morning and heard that come from my mouth he would probably say something similar to... "Oh, I see what kinda mood you're in this morning" or "I see what kinda day it's gonna be". I have no idea where that came from. Sometimes, I just refuse to take things seriously. You need to joke about all the things you're able to, even though, I'm not joking about the damn juice :) ...because a lot of the times, laughing is all we can do and it does a lot more for us than we can/could imagine, also, it can be contagious, anger, hatred and ignorance certainly are. Look at a ten year old, a twenty year old, a thirty year old and so on... what's the difference... the most obvious... not intelligence, certainly not always wisdom... experience, yes, but that doesn't count for shit more than half the time. We lose that silly quality, the playfulness, the desire to spin around and around until we get dizzy and fall over. Life happens, yes, but we let it happen to us. Don't. We all started off just wanting to play and have fun, to laugh and learn. Life teaches us best, not school. Yet, so many of us wind up tired, defeated by it. Constantly fighting. Too busy living to laugh. Maybe I'm rambling. I told my 16 year neighbor... at her age I was always very kind and respectful to strangers... I don't know why, I had nothing against them I suppose. I was a cashier (and a straight A, behavioral management school kid... I was a responsible, intelligent delinquent I suppose... all my choices, I admitted it then, I'll admit it now... it wasn't because I was hanging out with the wrong group of friends *ahem*, another shining example of how we always try and pass the blame around) but people always just came natural to me, anyway... so I told her (she recently got a job as a cashier), they're gonna piss you off, they're gonna be assholes, dickheads and bitches... and rude too. Here's the thing though, just smile... it's a win/win deal. There is a good chance that they're having a bad day, week or in a bad situation and they're just taking it out on you, it's not right, but try to be nice and smile, because it might change their whole day. That there have been times when one person, somewhere, on a line, a train, a cashier, someone was nice, maybe smiled, talked, said something sweet... and it made me smile, and changed the rest of my day... and, if at heart, they're just a major fucktard, you'll just confuse them and piss them off. You can't control other people, manipulate, yes, control, no. You can only control yourself. Anything else is an illusion... and I admit, that many times, though I'm good with helping out strangers and the whole "paying it forward" concept, I do have my moments where I am just like, "Nope, not today asshole", in my head mostly... and don't fuck with me in Times Square, I loathe that place, I go there for Broadway and that's about it... or when it's raining in the city and I am walking, umbrellas are weapons... and I don't use them nor would I trust myself with one... so the city and rain, it's battle. Anyway, so Boston, was so lovely. It was a cute, little, clean, polite nyc. The people are delightful and they interact with you in a non-violent manor! It's a shame about the Red Sox though, but I'll just give them that one flaw for now. Can't fault the whole place just for that. I can't wait to go back and do some sight seeing, which I rarely do, but I am completely smitten with Boston. I also realized how many actors really do fuck up the accent as well... ouch. Much like everything else Hollywood tries to recreate, they do butcher it, with exceptions, of course. Boston warmed me in my special place... no, the other special place... *shakes head* ... pervert. The way seeing Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music, snow and all that other holiday crap does. I really love ny... I am a new yorker at heart, always will be, even when I move, but, damn I can't stand it here much longer! I suspect there may be a bit of a nomad in me, or perhaps it's just the curiosity and desire to explore... myself, other people, other cultures, the world... and Boston! I am actually considering where to go next, I am due for LA and DC, probably in June though, I think in May, it will be Chicago and I want to go someplace new, but not a really big city... maybe Ohio or Indiana, could work... if nothing else, I have never been to either one. I'll have to take a gander and give it some thought over the next few days. Fuck paragraphs, my brain doesn't separate my thoughts, so, fuck 'em. Also, I like sparkly objects... and guns.

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