Sunday, April 3, 2011

"There's No Crying in Baseball" ... and I Kind of Gave a Compliment to the Red Sox and then Pigs Flew...

So, this is not going to be one of my more mentally stimulating posts... because I caught a touch of stupidity last night. I haven't had a night out in a good six months, no joke. Sometimes I like to, sometimes I just don't. I go through stages, and I've been in a homebody stage lately, and just got caught up dealing with a crap load of shit on top of shit. So it was around midnight last night, and I was just waking up... yes, I have a horrible sleep schedule, bouts of insomnia and my body tells me to go fuck myself whenever I make an effort to regulate it. So I just deal. So, a gf I haven't seen since thanksgiving called me, she had been wrapped up in her own shit. She wanted to go out, catch up and I was kind of like, you know, okay, why not. Well, now I know why not. I haven't really drank all that much in months, a glass or two of wine here or there, or beer. Haven't had a drop of liquor since october. Anyway, so we go to this quiet little wine bar, order a bottle of pinot grigio, I don't know what the fuck it was, she ordered it, but it wasn't good. We caught up, yay, good for us, that was nice. Then... she gets a call. Let's go here. It was a little after 2am, oddly enough I wasn't totally not feeling the idea. I hadn't had a nice girls out in a long time. Here's the thing, I had never been to the place, but it did have more of a mature, upscale not frat house style reputation to it. Thankfully, because I hate those places. So we walk in, fuck the cover charge. We meet up with her friend, total sweetheart. The music was great, a mix of 80s and 90s dance. Then I bump into the one guy I had a date with in the last six months. Did I mention it sucked. The only date I had gone on, because I just have had no desire, and forced myself to and it sucked and thus no desire. The room is packed and somehow this fucker finds me. It really didn't matter, because apparently no one had any communication skills or the ability to hold an intelligent conversation. So I found someone that showed promise, not so hard to shine in a crowd of melee apples. That may not be the best analogy, I don't care. So, I wind up taking care of my friend, because, she's the type to let guys buy her shots and I won't unless I'm actually going to hang out with them and I only had one glass of wine there and... she's a lightweight. I have to say this guy was really cool, I've seen guys be total dicks about it, they just don't get that I'm not going to leave a friend I came with. And yes, she's bisexual and I'm bi, so we have made out in the past, because I know half of you are/were wondering. Anyway, this new dickhead drives me home. I never do that, but he was pretty decent, because I had to drive her home in her car and then I would have had to call a cab. He just had a personality and seemed intelligent, and he did and was, it just wasn't a very good one and he lacked the ability to be open minded. Here's where the dickhead part came in. We were having a promising conversation, and then we got into a debate about... yup, baseball. The Yankees. He was a Mets fan, that wasn't the problem. Problem was, I can have a heated discussion and not take it personally, he couldn't. Not only that, but he couldn't debate it for shit, because he had no input, hiss only stance was to constantly challenge me and tell me I was wrong. The fact was we were discussing opinions, so by definition I couldn't be wrong. He didn't get that, he couldn't answer any direct questions and refused to give an opinion other than that mine was wrong. Real nice shiny apple, right? I think he just didn't know as much about baseball or the games as I did but didn't want to admit to it, because he was able to debate prior shit. So other than just saying so, which would have been fine to admit but I guess some guys don't like girls who know more about baseball than they do, I don't know, I don't care frankly. He constantly was trying to turn the table round and round and take control over the conversation. It doesn't really work with me and I really didn't care. I think he had a lot of insecurity issues. He even told my friend he thought all attractive girls were bitches. I didn't find that out until a little later.  There's smart, there's intelligent, there's being open minded, there's a lot that comes into play. More than just intelligent and not so much. So I mentioned something about how it's important to not be so narrow minded as to not be able to at least step outside yourself and look at other people's points of view and how I may be a Yankees fan, but I can watch the tigers or the red sox and appreciate some of their players and the potential they display. Then he made the dickhead comment. When I said the part about the red sox, he said and I quote, "See, now I know you know nothing about baseball and are just another dumb woman.". Yes, I know!!! I got insulted for sort of complimenting the Red Sox of all things!!! So needless to say at this point, I took it personally. I didn't flip out or anything, it just wasn't worth it and I knew for a good half hour it was over, maybe more. I just kinda was having fun letting off steam, even if, ultimately I was having a one sided debate. I also, liked seeing the irritation in him build, it was amusing. Also, you can call me anything you want, it's not going to get to me or shake me. It's going to go in one ear and right out the other. Not because I'm stubborn, even though I am, but because I know what I am and what I'm not. Now if he would have said bitch, I would have probably said "sometimes, yea", but dumb, not in the least bit and I know it. I'm not arrogant either, just secure.  So, I stepped out of his car a little while after that, there was more annoying shit coming out of his mouth... finally he had something to say. I closed the door and was fully prepared to not be the bitch I felt building up inside of me. I wasn't either... but.... he made some dumbass comment about making sure I shut the door all the way and it was nasty, so  I re-opened it and told him to "shut it his fucking self" and walked away. So, I stayed in bed stupid for a few hours. It passed, luckily I don't think I caught anything serious. So this about sums it up... "Argghhhh!!!!", that's my utter, shining, brilliance of the day. I warned, I stated, not my most intellectually stimulating post. Just be careful, stupid is out there, they haven't quite figured out a way to quarantine it yet. It's spreading like wildfire...  Wear a mask, plug up your ears, your asses, do whatever you have to avoid catching it as I do believe there's no known cure.

Clearly, I am being dramatic and joking. So let me just state... there's no fucking crying in baseball, but there are idiots. Here's the thing to. I did text him after that thanking him for helping me with my friend, driving me home, and just stating that I didn't take it personally until he called me dumb and that was just rude and disrespectful and that was something i did not and do not tolerate. Nothing nasty, I did appreciate it. Just because someone has dickhead moments doesn't mean they are, and I do think that was the case with him. I think he was just insecure. I think he didn't exactly know how to handle me, it happens... and the Yankees still rule!!!


  1. Why don't you date me? I'm a writer, read a lot, and know how to treat a lady. You told me your whole life story in a motel room. Remember?

  2. Taking the high road is always the way to go. Some will get it and some wont but but at least you gave him the chance to. Even better was your text the next day. Im sure he knows what a doushe he was and how good of a person you were back. More people need to learn to see the big picture.
    - Lance