Monday, March 21, 2011

Throw Your Stones Somewhere Else...

Bdsm and fetishes in general are perfectly healthy and stimulating.
Being miserable is not.
Seeking someone you desire in your life to compliment you is quite healthy.
Expecting someone to complete you, need you and/or save you is definitely not.
Being gay is not a disease, you won't catch it.
Believing marriage is a tradition that should be upheld is awfully hypocritical. 
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, true.
Everyone should have opinion's, false.
Love should conquer all... it's a lovely fantasy.
Love conquers all... only in theory.
Constantly asking why and constantly learning is ideal.
Rejecting the opportunity to do so unless needed is usually the case.
Inserting objects that are not meant to go in certain places, sounds like fun.
Being in the ER and having to explain what happened, not so much.
Spiders are probably more scared of us than we are than them... possibly.
We are more terrified than spiders than they are of us... DUH!!!
Dreams are a wonderful thing... absolutely.
Dreams don't come true unless you get off your ass... abso-fucking-lutely.
Ignorance is bliss... to some.
Ignorance is a disease... for many... and one of the most dangerous ones of all. 

Throw your stones somewhere else... because you negate your own beliefs with your own actions and words... and if you can't see that, that just goes to prove my own point. Ignorance is a profitable disease. Imagine what would happen if everyone just accepted people, regardless of whether or not they agreed with their choices. I will add one more thing, in case it is not understood already, I am not condoning acts that are non consensual and induce bodily harm.

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