Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There is No Other Woman...

Often, I am asked how much of my persona is me and how much of it is an act. Truth is, there is little, if any distinction. When you meet me, you're meeting me. I think anyone whoever has senses that. The deviousness that haunts the mind of Aurora Storms, also haunts my own. The playfulness and wit. We both have our secrets, because sometimes wicked things should stay that way. We are both open and quite hard to offend, we are both fierce and yet sensual, caring and loyal. We both hate to be lied to, and yet find it extraordinary that so many people are capable of lying to themselves on a daily basis because we can't understand the need to or the desire. Though we do understand the fear. In fact Aurora is more me than... well, "what's in a name..." Even my blackberry says Aurora on it and this is why I am headed to CT to live in my own little world, to create the world I live in and bring it to life for others to enjoy as well. I go to extremes for my ideals, for myself, my convictions and close loved ones. I know what I want and I am more than content with who I am. I could live anywhere, or I could create someplace... it's obvious and some might say unhealthy, but to be blunt, I really don't give a fuck, it's not their life. It's not their choice. Isn't that the whole point of free will or does it even really exist anymore if in fact it ever did. I went after my own happiness first, I found it in me and I continue to feed it. I may be selfish, but I'm happy and passionate about my life and what I aim to create. I couldn't find a path I wanted to stroll down so I took a knife, hacked through the branches and created one and I continue to do so... keep following me, you'll see exactly what I mean over the next few years. I'm going to recreate the bdsm scene to where I imagine it to be, where many of us have grown bored and tired, disenchanted with it, it will become, I will push it to...levels of depravity uncalled for, intense, raw... real...a place of decadence, unrestrained, creative and unprecedented.

The biggest fool is often the one looking back at you in the mirror. I may be many things, but I am no fool. I am only me, it's all I know how to be. I may channel different parts and emotions, but I don't fake them, they exist inside of me and I wish only to release them. So no, there is no other woman... I love and am, only myself, regardless of name. "So what if you can see the darkest side of me"?

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