Monday, June 6, 2011

Seething with Sadism...

While I honestly don't discuss bdsm much on here, not for any particular reason, I usually just write what is on my mind at the moment... thus my new entry. This is not going to be a very insightful entry, mind you. It may turn some of you on and it may turn some of you off... and I really couldn't fucking care either way. I am what and who I am... and for me bdsm is very much a skill, a craft that one learns and practices, something to be appreciated and respected... an art. While I don't expect everyone to take it so seriously nor do I deny them for playing on the lighter side...somethings just piss me the fuck off. First off, Rihanna needs to be bent the fuck over and  caned for her song "S&M"... and hard! I very much have the mentally that when someone says... "I am a sadist... or "I am a masochist".... I think, "oh really? , we'll see about that...", most of the time it's a playful yet serious mentally. The push and pull. Anyone who has ever played with me knows that you get an in depth education as well. I am also extremely versatile when it comes to playing and never take on a scene unless it is something of an interest to, as mutual enjoyment is a key factor for me and for a great scene. I believe that if you say the words... I enjoy Bdsm... and here's the catch and call yourself experienced, then you should abso-fucking lutely know what BDSM stands for, because if not, you're kind of an idiot. This whole song has everyone and their mother, who has ever used a pair of handcuffs during sex stating that they are into s&m, making ignorant comments and giggles, and anyone who knows about it knows that bondage isn't S&M and a simple pair of cuffs is simply just kinky, spicing it up a little, it's not bdsm... and it is really pissing me the fuck off... BDSM isn't like playing house, it's an immersion, a state of mind you either have or don't, it's not something acquired but rather brought out and feed. It's not a game of make believe, it's not like playing house... the thing  is, while I welcome everyone and anyone who comes to me respectfully at any level of experience, those who are disrespectful to me and my beloved world and the people who inhabit it... which is very much how I feel with this new generation of idiots who think Rihanna came up with the expression, "sticks and stones make break my bones but whips and chains excite me"...  It's akin to being a lawyer and then seeing someone else claim to be one mean while he's never even passed the Bar and wouldn't know a courtroom if he was inside of one.  I have a great deal of self control, but I am surrounded by uneducated morons lately (only in my personal life, might I add... as that's usually where they tend to pop up)... also I do have an extremely sadistic side of me... so I've just been bathing in it lately... my mind dizzy with deeply depraved desires... and as I often say to a good friend of mine in the scene (an inside joke)... "I'm Queen Goddammit" and I feel like to declaring to the whole bunch of them "You're all idiots!" .... now off with your heads! I am being somewhat comical, though I am serious... do not piss in my sandbox because I will shit all over you and yours, slowly... and I will get an immense about of pleasure doing so... that my dear, sweet Rihanna and these fools who unfortunately breathe my air, is sheer sadism... take a lesson or I just may teach you one. Mental sadism... mindfucking and physical sadism... I enjoy both... on a consensual basis of course, well... for the most part ;) 

Yes, I do realize this somewhat contradicts certain things I have stated in previous posts...but there are always exceptions.. and don't tell me not to let it get to me... because I want to play with it and sadism is like soaking in a nice hot bath... it invigorates my mind and body...

I haven't edited this at all... so there may be many errors... which at the moment, I don't really fucking care about.

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